Advanced Immune Kit

Advanced Immune Kit

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The NTMcore Advanced Immune Kit is one of the most complete immune support systems ever assembled. The main compenents of the kit are liposomal vitamin C, micelized vitamin D, Beta Glucan and PRP Colostrum (spray). The liposomal vitamin C is liquid and highly absorbable while the mecelized vitamin D is broken down into smaller and more absorbable units. The third component, Beta glucan, is one of the best known defenses for the adaptive immune system, as it combines with B and T cells to phagocytose (absorb and destroy) bad bacteria and viruses. The last component, Colostrum PRP spray, is one of the best modulators of the immune system as it helps modulate citokine activity in the immune system which helps make the immune system more potent and efficient.


The immune system is the body's main defense against harmful invaders such as bacteria and viruses. The inmate and adaptive immune systems combine to identify antigens and other substances deemed foreign by the immune system and then isolate and destroy. The NTMCORE advanced immune kit contains the four products below;

Vitamin C Liposomal
Supplements that are liposomal are in liquid form and generally highly absorbable when compared with capsules or tablets. Because vitamin C is absorbed in the gut and because so many people have gut related issues, this liposomal product is an ideal solution for the consumption of vitamin C which is critical for fortifying the immune system.

Vitamin D Micelized
Generally, micelized products are broken down into much smaller particles for better absorption. The micelized vitamin D formula is essential for people who have issues with digestion and absorption and is an important component of our advanced immune program.

Beta Glucan
One of the most efficient enhancements to an immune system, Beta Glucan is extracted from the cell wall of bakers yeast. Beta Glucan combines with B and T cells of the adaptive immune system to destroy foreign invaders and antigens. It basically makes these B and T cells highly active in their destruction of substances deemed foreign by the immune system.

Immune PRP
Immune PRP is derived from bovine colostrum which is one of the most potent modulators of the immune system. Immune PRP helps with the modulation of cytokines in the immune system, making your defenses more potent and efficient.