NTMcore Elite is a natural, hydrolyzed whey protein product created using a microbiological process of enzyme extraction.

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Contains necessary polyphenols found in plants to help boost the immune system, promote digestion.

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Plant-based protein for kids with an amazing taste and essential vitamins and minerals to promote brain development, boost the immune system and support healthy growth.

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Sports Performance

Proper nutrition habits impact strength, training, performance and recovery alike. At NTMcore, our team of nutritionists, pharmacists and physicians created the perfect core of products for use before, during and after sports.

We recommend the NTMCORE Sports Performance Pack to maximize performance in sports.

NTMCORE Ignite was designed for use before sports to provide you with energy at the beginning of your sporting activity, NTMCORE Endurance Plus was designed for use during sports to provide necessary BCAAs, glucose and essential electrolytes needed to power you through your sporting activity, and NTMcore Elite was designed for use after sports to help with recovery and repair.
These three products were specifically designed for athletes in performance demanding sporting activities such as football, beach volleyball, tennis, basketball, cross-fit, soccer, swimming and racquetball.

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Nutrition that meets your demands.

NTMcore products are designed to meet sport specific needs of all athletes. Formulas within these products range in focus, from providing energy before sports, to maintaining energy during the sporting activity and also healing the body repair and recover afterwards.
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