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  • AdrenaPro

    Are you frequently hitting the snooze button? Waking up tired? Excessively drinking caffeinated drinks? Longing for naps during the day but unable to sleep at night? Feeling wired but tired? These are all signs of adrenal fatigue, which is a condition brought on by the chronic mental, physical, and emotional stressors of life.

    AdrenaPro is designed to enhance the adrenal gland’s ability to maintain a balanced cortisol level which will help improve energy and metabolic function.

    Prolonged fatigue, stress and insomnia are all symptoms generated from constant unmanaged stress of the adrenal glands, usually culminating in overall loss of energy. AdrenaPro was designed to promote healthy bodily function and to help the adrenal glands properly respond to stress while providing much needed energy boosts.

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  • Advanced Immune Kit

    The NTMcore Advanced Immune Kit is one of the most complete immune support systems ever assembled. The main compenents of the kit are liposomal vitamin C, micelized vitamin D, Beta Glucan and PRP Colostrum (spray). The liposomal vitamin C is liquid and highly absorbable while the mecelized vitamin D is broken down into smaller and more absorbable units. The third component, Beta glucan, is one of the best known defenses for the adaptive immune system, as it combines with B and T cells to phagocytose (absorb and destroy) bad bacteria and viruses. The last component, Colostrum PRP spray, is one of the best modulators of the immune system as it helps modulate citokine activity in the immune system which helps make the immune system more potent and efficient.

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    Beta Glucan

    NTMcore’s Beta Glucan formula is a pure, high potency beta glucan , a gluco polysaccharide derived from saccharomyces cerevisiae (Baker’s yeast) and known as beta 1,3/1,6 glucan. Several clinical trials have successfully validated beta glucan as a powerful immune modulator. In the body it is ingested primarily though macrophage and dendritic immune cells. It binds with specific receptors (CR3) on neutrophils, the most abundant immune cell in the body, and activates anti-microbial activity by migration of immune cells to the site of a foreign challenge (Chemotaxis) and increases elimination of foreign challenge (Phagocytosis and oxidative burst).

    Basically, beta glucan helps B and T cells of the adaptive immune system destroy foreign antigens deemed harmful by the immune system.

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  • ntm-core-products-hemp-extract-super-strength

    CBD-Super Strength

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  • DHEA


    DHEA is a hormone produced by the adrenal glands. Research shows that DHEA helps improve sex drive, build muscle and fight the effects of aging. DHEA production in the body peaks in the mid-20s and continuous production gradually declines with age.

    DHEA supplements have also been known to increase levels of testosterone and estrogen as production of these hormones also decline with age. In addition to strengthening the immune system and slowing natural changes in the body that come with age, DHEA helps improve mood and energy levels while building up bone and muscle strength.

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  • Gut Restore

    Gut Restore was designed primarily for the microbiome to help feed and strengthen good Gut bacteria, in order to promote better digestion and absorption. The extraordinary proprietary blend of probiotic and prebiotic enzymes within Gut Restore are designed to break down lectin proteins, including gluten, within the small and large intestines in order to foster balance and health in the gastro-intestinal tract.

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  • Male Vitality

    Male Vitality Optimizer is a blend of nutraceuticals and botanicals that enhance not only production and utilization of testosterone, but also correct estrogen metabolism and excretion. This unique blend of key ingredients creates optimal testosterone function, allowing maximum benefit of our body’s own natural testosterone levels.

    By blocking Aromatase, the enzyme that creates estrogen from testosterone, we can control estrogenic effects and increase natural testosterone levels.

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  • Pregnenolone

    Pregnenolone is a hormone that is synthesized from cholesterol and acts as a precursor to DHEA, cortisol and progesterone. In addition to helping maintain hormone balance, pregnenolone also helps the body better respond to every day stress.

    Studies show that pregnenolone helps promote sleep quality and memory which is why a decline in this hormone can leave cells susceptible to overstimulation which can have negative effects on cognition and stress. Pregnenolone also has anti-aging properties which is why it is recommended for supplementation with age as natural supply in the body declines.

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    Vitamin C

    NTMCORE Vitamin C is a powerful blend of vitamin C and citrus bioflavonoids available in vegetable capsule form. Vitamin C, is well known for its amazing benefits in boosting immune system function and as one of the most safe and effective vitamins available in supplement form, vitamin C may also provide health benefits like reduced risk for cardiovascular disease, eye disease, and possible even cancer. In addition, vitamin C is linked to improved collagen production, which may result in healthier-looking skin and fewer wrinkles. Our Vitamin C formula is rich in citrus-based bioflavonoids which are powerful anti-inflammation agents. These potent bioflavonoids are linked to improved antioxidant protection (antioxidants fight cells that can lead to disease onset) and also contain antibacterial and anti-inflammation properties. Research has shown that bioflavonoids may help strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

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    Zinc Glycinate

    Our Zinc Glycinate formula contains zinc bisglycinate chelate by Albion® Laboratories, Inc., which is the 100% fully reacted TRAACS®. So why exactly is zinc important? Zinc is essential for the development and proper functioning of the reproductive organs, including healthy prostate function, and has been shown to support healthy immune system function.* Zinc also supports enzyme activity associated with tissue synthesis, energy metabolism, and bone mineralization.* Zinc Glycinate is readily bioavailable and easily absorbed as an intact chelate.* It is superior to other forms of zinc because it does not get ionized in the gut before it is absorbed.* Instead, it appears to be metabolized in the body right at the target tissue.* Deficiencies in zinc can lead to an impaired immune system, decreased glucose metabolism, hormonal imbalance and slower wound healing.*

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    Super Greens is a nutrient-packed supplement designed for the everyday individual who does not have access to these essential nutrients that are most often consumed through fruits and vegetables. This formula promotes gut health by activating good gut bacteria and helping bring balance to the microbiome.

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    NTMCORE Restore PM

    Having problems sleeping? RestorePM is a scientifically designed formula of supplements created to support muscle growth, deep sleep, adrenal support and improved circadian rhythm. This advanced formula is ideal for people struggling with adrenal dysregulation, sleep dysfunction, fatigue and overall musculoskeletal deconditioning.

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